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The Pack Still Sucks

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NFC North Fans United Against the Pack

Bears Fans, Vikings Fans, Lions Fans, People Who dislike Drug Addicts, Racism and Taking Advantage of Teenage Girls in Hot tubs! You are all welcome here.

If you are a sensitive, soft hearted, "my dad has cancer and the Packers are his only joy" sort of Packer fan, this place isn't for you. For here we vent our frustrations against Favre, John Madden his lover, Reggie "Mexicans are Neato!" White, Mark "Can I get you an illegal beer" Chmura, big fat alcoholic Lambeau fans in their Hunting Outfits and the rest of the Packer Nation.

The media sucks the Packers off as if they've been undefeated for the past twenty years, and Jesus Christ is their quarterback. This community is for folks who want to escape such idiocy.

jokes, news items, stories, arguments, smack talk, anything goes...get it out.


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